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Meet our Revenue Manager, Oceane Mechain

Born in the south of France, get to know more about The Alverton team Revenue Manager and her favourite parts of living in Cornwall.

Introducing The Alverton Team Revenue Manager

Born in France, Oceane was raised in a small village in the south next to Perpignan. She studied for a degree in maths and a master’s degree in hospitality management in France. A keen traveller, Oceane graduated before working briefly in Spain and Belgium. Shortly after, Oceane decided she wanted to work in revenue management.

Finally, she decided to move to UK over 10 years ago to improve her English, and hasn’t looked back since! However, after several years in the hospitality industry in Birmingham and London, she heard of a vacancy in Cornwall. The Alverton and our sister hotel, The Greenbank, were looking for a Revenue Manager. Oceane got the job and has been a member of the team for six years. The move to Cornwall meant Oceane could enjoy one of her favourite past-times with some of the best surfing spots right on her doorstep.

What is your favourite part about the job?

I love the challenge presented at the beginning of each month to fill up all the bedrooms in the hotel, and the strategy side of my work.

Can you describe The Alverton in five words?

A small Eden in town.

What’s the best thing about living in Cornwall?

Out of all the areas in the UK I have lived, Cornwall feels the most like my home town in the south of France. I love Cornwall for the surfing scene as well.

What one attraction or place would you recommend to guests as a ‘must-see’?

I’m a big fan of Godrevy. It’s certainly the perfect destination for a walk on the beach, a surf session or seal spotting.

Finally, what’s your favourite Cornish delicacy?

Rattler. In short, nothing beats a good Cornish cider!


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