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Beki Hook’s Ultimate Truro Bucket List

Often found exploring the county's most beautiful corners, photographer Beki Hook knows all the best spots in Truro. Discover what's on Beki's bucket list to help plan your itinerary when visiting and exploring the city.

What do you enjoy most about Truro?

It’s a slice of heaven.

I love that amongst the hustle and bustle there are lots of hidden gems such as Victoria Gardens. It’s like a little slice of heaven especially in the spring when the Magnolias have blossomed. I’m also a real foodie, with a particular sweet tooth so a trip to Lawrence’s, Bread and Butter and Café Cocoa on the way to Malpas are a must.

What inspires you about shooting in Cornwall?

There’s beauty in every corner.

I’m inspired by so many things. Depending on which part of Cornwall you visit you will see beauty from every corner. From the coastline to the moors, to the heathlands, to the mining towns, to the Cornish people. The textures. The colour palettes and the beautiful sunsets over the sea. There’s such an incredible richness to our surroundings.

Where's your favourite spot to view Truro from?

There’s an incredible view of Truro from Malpas over the river.

Whilst it is slightly outside the city, there is a lovely park and gardens, but you get the true scale of how grand and imposing the Cathedral is.

Do you have any advice for someone moving to Cornwall?

Get involved.

In Cornwall there is such a sense of community within it that I would advise to immerse yourself as much as you can in local clubs, events, markets. Get to know where you live and the people who live there. It can really go a long way to building lasting friendships and connections. Embrace the lifestyle. Try a sea swim. Explore the coasts.

Where would you say is a 'must-see' spot in Truro?

Without a doubt the Cathedral.

I have lived in Cornwall all my life and visited Truro countless times but it was only recently that I actually went inside the Cathedral. It is absolutely beautiful. The architecture, the stained glass and the peacefulness are something to behold. It’s also a free attraction!

What's your favourite photo you've taken in Truro?

I love this one that I took outside of Mansion House.

I’m drawn to historical buildings anyway but when the sun was going down it created the most beautiful flare between the buildings. I know it’s probably a little more niche than the more predictable hotspots but I encourage anyone to look up at the top of the buildings every once in a while. As generally the shop fronts have changed and modernised over the years but there are so many ornate and original features of this beautiful city.

Why should visitors choose to stay at The Alverton?

The Alverton offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re a real foodie, love a cocktail or stylish yet timeless decor, it has so much to offer.  They have really thought of everything. It is true what they say, it’s like a home away from home but with lots of lovely added bonuses. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Can you sum up Truro in three words?

Historic, dazzling and merrymaking.

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