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Ben Young, Managing Director, 17th May 2021

Reopening safely and responsibly

“As we return from what we hope will be our last enforced closure, we are looking forward with optimism and genuine pleasure to welcome back our guests and the team to our safe haven in the city.

We are pleased that our Covid secure measures served us perfectly during the previous year and that we passed muster without a single Covid incident.

With our return in 2021 we will retain the same disciplined approach in our management of risk whilst we also recommence our full service hotel experience.

Specific areas of your experience may have changed a little, but I believe the balance struck between hospitality, service, and safety and wellbeing is achieved successfully. But as ever we would love to hear from you on how you believe we’re doing.”



We remain diligent in the sanitisation of the hotel. We have been using disinfectant fogging machines as a matter of routine now for a number of years. Whilst the chemical used is 100% food safe and non-harmful, it is, however, entirely effective against viruses and bacteria and continues to protect surfaces long after contact.

As you would expect, we have continued with additional measures including a designated Duty Manager on hand seven days a week, 24 hours a day, who is tasked with the safe coordination of our operations and the frequent sanitisation of touch points throughout (for example, lift buttons, door handles and banisters).

Additionally, you will find sanitiser and information available in all our public areas, entrances, and lifts. We have also included a sanitiser spray in each bedroom for your convenience.

Please note that in all public areas of hotels, face coverings are still mandatory and this is enforced by law.


Our public areas have been subtly reorganised to allow for the recommended minimum social distancing to be maintained. Additionally, we have added clear signage to facilitate safe passage throughout the hotel.

Our reception areas have protective screens to ensure minimal risk. Wherever possible contactless technology has been implemented, with a minimal touch check-in and check-out.

Where 2 meters cannot be achieved, we will always provide 1 meter+ mitigation, e.g. ventilation, screens or back-to-back seating.


Every member of our team has undergone hotel specific Covid-19 secure training before commencement of work. Hotel and full departmental risk assessment documents have been prepared and cascaded to each and every team member.

With our approach to operating procedures and service methods we have strived to continue to deliver the style and experience our guests enjoy. In addition, we have a considered, and rational approach to the guidelines received. Always, and in all circumstances, we strive to provide the very best practice – both in terms of guest enjoyment and also in terms of guest wellbeing.



Having booked online or via telephone, you will receive a confirmation email or letter which includes what you can expect from our enhanced Covid-19 secure measures. This will include the latest government advice and stipulations; we would ask that you read them and let us know if you are unsure about anything.

Naturally, should you be showing any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been around anyone who has been showing symptoms or who may have tested positive, we would ask that you please contact us to make arrangements to postpone your visit.

And three days before your arrival date, we will be emailing you a pre-arrival questionnaire to check any health related issues and to organise last minute requirements. We will require this to be filled in at least 24 hours before you arrive please.


We would respectfully ask you to arrive after 3pm as our enhanced cleaning procedures mean that we cannot release our bedrooms any earlier than this time. This will also mean that any lunchtime guests will have departed our lounges and restaurant.

You will be met in the by our duty host and reception team who will assist you with our streamlined check-in procedure and provide porterage as required.


Your room will have a seal on the door to show that it has been thoroughly prepared for your arrival.

Our procedures include the spraying of an unharmful airborne sanitiser to ensure all surfaces, fabrics and furniture are safely sanitised. The product used is proven to protect against coronavirus for up to 72 hours.

Our housekeeping team are carrying out a minimal touch service only while you stay with us. They will not touch or move any belongings and should you prefer, they are able to provide fresh laundry and toiletries in a bag left outside your room, with no access to your room made by anyone during your stay.


The main thing to consider is that the recommended social distancing should be observed at all times throughout the hotel. With this in mind certain corridors may operate as one-way, or a right of way may be instigated. In any event, clear signage will indicate the correct route.

Additionally we are required to keep the hotel well ventilated at all times, should you find it chilly do let us know, we have a very advanced heating system which adjusts automatically but can always provide blankets if needs be (hopefully not!)

Our lifts should only be used by yourself and anyone from your household. No other guests should occupy the lift at the same time.

Sanitiser is prevalent throughout our public spaces. Should you additionally like PPE for your peace of mind, we have gloves and masks available on request.

Our public WCs are receiving extra sanitisation. Therefore, we would respectfully request that our residents use their private in-room facilities to avoid any unnecessary crowding.

Our furniture has been placed to adhere to social distancing; please refrain from moving it.


We will operate our food and beverage outlets in full accordance with government guidelines and the very latest available official advice.

The main change is that at this time we are not able to offer a traditional ‘over the bar’ drinks service. However, this means the drinks will come to you. Wherever you are sitting in the hotel, a full table service will be provided in all areas.

Regrettably at this time we cannot guarantee the availability of any meals for our residents unless they are booked prior to arrival.

Please do not move any furniture and please maintain the minimum social distance from people outside your household. Our duty host will seat you to your designated table.

Our food offering has been streamlined a little to suit a reduced brigade of chefs in order that we can maintain the strictest of hygiene and social distancing ‘behind the scenes.’ This should not, however, mean you find yourself short of choice, our team is more than happy to cater to your precise requirements.

All buffets have now been removed from our restaurants and continental breakfast, along with cooked, will be served from the kitchen. Hopefully you will enjoy the extra level of service this provides.

We are extremely happy to provide you with room service at a tray charge of £5 (no tray charge for drinks), delivered outside your room at the time of your choice.

Some other aspects of our more typical dining experience may have to be curtailed – we will check before topping up your wine for example and room service will be delivered to your room but will only be brought inside at your request.


On the morning of your check-out, we will put a copy of your account under your bedroom door. Payment will automatically be charged to the card details held on arrival. The bill can also be emailed to you if preferred.

We only ask that you pop your room key into our drop box at our reception desk and say goodbye – we really would like to see you before you leave.


As a responsible employer we are dedicated to our team’s wellbeing; frankly, they are the backbone of the hotel and we would be nothing without them. With this in mind we have taken time to train, consult and develop their understanding of The Alverton Hotel Covid-19 secure requirements. This will ensure that not only do we protect our staff, but that in turn our staff protect each other, and our guests.

We provide lateral low tests for all staff who are self testing twice and week. This couple with fully publicised risk assessments, method statements, and a collaborative approach to the management of our new operating methods mean that we are wholly prepared and ready to welcome you all to our newly enhanced hotel for a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable time.

With very best wishes,

Ben Young


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