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Explore The Alverton Gardens throughout the seasons

With daffodils adding pops of colour to the lawn, pink foxgloves towering in grandeur and bronzed autumn leaves crunching under your feet, The Alverton gardens are ever changing.


The bluebells, tulips, rhododendron and daffodils wake from their wintery slumber. Bursting with colour, you can witness these blooms along the drive up to the hotel’s entrance. The magnolia blooms during spring too, adding to the impressive showcase of flowers in their beds. The bursts of colour herald the start of lighter evenings and warmer days, wehere birdsong is full of gusto, especially in the morning when their gentle melodies are most welcome.


When the summer sun rises every morning, our outdoor terrace soaks up the rays, providing a gorgeous sun-trap for the afternoon – perfect for sipping on a few tipples and dining al fresco! The towering pink foxgloves with their floral bells dapple the gardens, whereas the buddleia attracts various butterflies and busy bees to the gardens.


With the leaves turning to warm bronze, gold and red, our beech and maple trees are one to be seen in person. The autumnal breeze pushes the leaves to the ground, creating a crunchy bed to walk across. The hydrangeas are still going strong, where the acidic soil creates some beautiful blue tones in the garden.


The first of the snowdrops are scattered throughout the grounds and the yellow crocus dot the lawn. The holly bushes are decked with ruby red berries and the festive fir trees come into their own. The mild climate means that you may spot the first of the daffodils and narcissi.



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