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RMS Titanic Murder Mystery Evening: 8th November

It's all aboard the RMS Titanic for our immersive murder mystery night in Cornwall. Join us on 8th November for a deadly dinner party.


On 8th November, embark on an evening of suspense, suspicion, and murder, aboard the RMS Titanic, at our murder mystery night in Cornwall.

The year is 1912, and RMS Titanic is on her maiden voyage across The Atlantic. Your ticket on this magnificent liner welcomes you to the upper first-class deck, where the rich and famous passengers revel in the opulence and excess of the plush interiors, exquisite food, and sparkling silverware.

On the surface, the evening seems to be flowing smoothly, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as curiosity and allegations begin to surface between some of the fellow first-class passengers, and a well-known aristocrat. Dinner is about to be served, but as tensions rise, the events of the evening take a deadly turn, as someone is murdered in cold blood


Starting at 7pm, the grand setting of The Great Hall will be the backdrop of our Titanic themed murder mystery night. The epitome of luxury and decadence, arrive dressed to the nines, ready to rub shoulders with the wealthiest voyagers. Enjoy a glass of fizz upon arrival, and take the time to mingle, before taking your seat for a three-course dinner.

Between each course, an explosive scene will unfold, containing clues and hidden evidence. Listen carefully, observe the actions of all the possible suspects, and prepare to interrogate like a detective. Leave no stone unturned, float ideas with those you trust the most, and don’t let go of those crucial theories. When everyone has their own motive, can you decipher the innocent passengers from the liar on board?


Tickets aboard RMS Titanic are £60. This includes an arrival drink, a three course dinner, and an immersive evening of entertainment performed by Murder By Appointment – the longest established murder mystery company in the south west.

Fancy dress is encouraged. Think black tie, dinner jackets, glitzy gowns, white gloves, and costume jewellery. Please note you will be sat at shared tables.


Playing detective can be tiring work. Just like the Titanic, we have plenty of rooms on board. And we can guarantee no icebergs in sight! Make a night of it and enjoy 10% off our best room rate by quoting MURDERMYSTERY when you book. We’ll even cook you breakfast in the morning before you sail off into the sunset.


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