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The Captain Tom Moore Suite is Coming Soon

We rename our iconic Chapel Suite after fundraising hero Captain Thomas Moore, who celebrates his 100th birthday this week.

The Captain Tom Moore Suite

‘The Captain Tom Moore Suite’ will be free to NHS staff for a year after we reopen. The suite will offer a much-deserved treat for our brave frontline workers battling the pandemic and saving lives.

Our Courtyard complex is currently being used as free accommodation for NHS workers. It is their safe haven to stay during the coronavirus pandemic. However, we wanted to go further in thanking our NHS heroes.

Celebrating Captain Tom Moore

The new suite has been named after World War Two Veteran Captain Thomas Moore. His tremendous effort and success in raising over £29 million for the NHS is truly inspiring.

Managing Director Ben Young says: “We felt it right and fitting to honour Captain Tom. We are renaming our Chapel Suite at The Alverton after him on his 100th birthday. We’ve decided to offer NHS nominated heroes the opportunity to stay in the room free of charge for a year following our reopening. In these days when things change so quickly, this renaming will stand the test of time. Similarly, our sister hotel, The Greenbank in Falmouth, has a suite named after its most revered guest, Florence Nightingale who stayed back in 1907.”

Nominate an NHS Hero

The suite will be available to the NHS staff for a year after we reopen. You can have your say on who gets to stay by nominating your NHS hero. If you know an NHS worker who you’d like to nominate for a relaxing overnight stay in the Cornish capital, please email [email protected].

In addition to the Captain Tom Moore Suite, both The Alverton and sister hotel The Greenbank in Falmouth will be offering all other rooms at a friends and family discount rate to NHS workers.

Ben Young continues: “We are putting together a package for all NHS staff at the hotels which will include all the privileges usually reserved for staff and their families. This includes a free ‘thank you’ party, discounts, exclusive invitations, complimentary drinks, and other VIP treats. To join this package, simply email us on [email protected] with your NHS ID. Don’t forget to nominate your hero to stay in the Captain Tom Moore Suite, free of charge.”

We would also like to congratulate Tom on his honorary promotion to Colonel to mark his milestone 100th birthday today. ‘Tomorrow will be a good day.


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