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Safety tips for visiting Cornish beaches this summer

With only an estimated 30% of beaches covered by lifeguards this summer, stay safe on the coast with these top tips for beach safety in Cornwall.

Beach safety in Cornwall this Summer

If you’re visiting Cornwall this summer, chances are you’ll want to head to the coast during your holiday. We don’t blame you! You’ll discover an abundance of beauty spots on our coastline. From seaside town favourites perfect for sunbathing and swimming, to massive stretches of sand. Find brilliant surf spots, and charming, shingled coves and rockpools. Whatever your perfect beach looks like, we want everyone to enjoy the beaches safely and responsibly this summer.

Lifeguard restrictions during the pandemic

During lockdown, none of our beaches were being monitored by lifeguards, and the RNLI have announced that they expect to provide lifeguard services on 30% of the beaches for peak summer season. This means we all need to do our bit to keep the beaches a fun and safe place to visit. Newquay Activity Centre have highlighted some key actions and rules we can abide by to ensure beach safety in Cornwall and wellbeing at the beach is a priority. Have a read through this handy infographic:

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