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20th March 2012

145-Year Old Grafitti Uncovered at Truro Hotel

A restaurant manager with a passion for architecture and stonework believes he has found a 145-year old piece of graffiti at a Truro hotel.

Peter O’Fallanhaim, who manages the restaurant at Alverton Manor on Tregolls Road, found the message hidden on the building’s outer wall during a break.

Etched into a stone to the left of the hotel’s front door is ‘W N T 1862’.

After carrying out further research Peter believes the initials stand for William Nathanial Tweedy, son of Robert Tweedy who lived at the Alverton Manor and who ran the Tweedy & Williams Bank in Boscowan Street.

“I’m very interested in architecture and stonework, so I am lucky to work at such an amazing building, like the Alverton,” said Peter.

“During my breaks I like to look round the exterior to see if I can find anything different or interesting, so it was really exciting when I found the initials and the date etched into the wall near the original front entrance.

“Since then the front entrance has been extended meaning that no one goes past the inscription so I would think that is why it has remained hidden.”

After researching the Tweedy family further Peter discovered that William worked at the bank with his father and brother, Charles, around 1878.

“This means that at the time he inscribed his initials on the building he would have been around six years old,” said Peter.

“When he was at the bank he lived at 94 Pydar Street, while his brother lived in Falmouth and his sister, who we are unable to find a name for, lived at Truro Vean.”

In 1879 the family’s involvement with the Alverton came to an end after a crash in the tin market left the bank insolvent.

“We have been hoping to renew our links with the Tweedy family after we received a letter from a descendant of William offering to loan us three family portraits of Robert, Charles and Robert’s father, another William,” said Alverton’s general manager, Richard Harrison.

“Unfortunately the insurance company were unable to cover their value so we had to decline the offer of reuniting the Tweedys and Alverton.”

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