Our History


The East wing of the Alverton Manor was built for William Tweedy of

Truro Vean as a family home. He also became President of the Royal

Horticultural Society and opened the Alverton gardens to the public.


William Tweedy passed away – The manor house was now

partly owned by The bank of Cornwall and the Alverton gardens

remained open to the public for another 10 years.


The bank was forced to close its doors to customers after becoming

insolvent and was liquidated. Alverton Manor was sold to Mr.Pascoe

who built the Library.


The Order of the Epiphany acquired Alverton Manor from

Sir John Protheroe Smith for £3,000, with the money mainly

coming from the nuns wealthy families.


The nuns started helping the local community and started

building The Chapel which is now known as The Great Hall.


Alverton Manor became too big for the nuns and was

converted to a grand, country house hotel.


Alverton Manor was purchased by a Cornish hotel group and

renamed The Alverton with plans to lovingly restore it to it’s

former glory as the best, luxury hotel in Truro.