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The Alverton’s botanical cocktails

Introducing…The Alverton’s brand new botanical cocktail menu.

After a long winter, we’re excited to enter March with a spring in our step and with a tantalising tipple in hand. Our Head Mixologist, Holly, has taken inspiration from our very own verdant surroundings, to create this exciting new menu with botanical themed flavours and gorgeous garden garnishes.

The Hedgerow Sour

In-house infused berry gin
Dry Vermouth
Blackcurrent jam
Lavender syrup

In this cocktail, Holly was inspired by the diversity of the garden. From the buzzing bees, to the hidden plants within the bushes and shrubbery. The combination of ingredients reflect this – with a variety of flavours without being too busy, it’s the perfect balance. With a home infused berry gin, that changes with the seasons, we’d recommend this beverage for gin-lovers who are looking for something special.

The Woodland Martini

Smoked Ketel One vodka
Porcini infused fino
Dash of mezcal
Black pepper hydrosol

A simple and delicious drink, with an umami characteristic, served in a martini glass. The Woodland Martini is like going on the perfect woodland walk, poured into a glass. When creating this, Holly imagined mushrooms and earthy textures to inspire her choice of ingredients. A dash of mezcal adds smokiness. Take a sip, close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to a bonfire in the woodlands.

Orange Blossom Fizz

Ketel One vodka
Apricot brandy
Cream soda orange blossom

This tipple is the perfect sip of spring. The burst of citrus flavours remind us of warm days out on our sun-trap terrace. Apricot brandy compliments this drink, with a slight amaretto flavour. Overall, this fruity number will leave you feeling excited for summer.

The Garden Royale

Jinro soju
Fresh basil

Out of all of our botanical cocktails, this has to be one of our favourites. The Garden Royale is a fresh, citrussy, bubbly cocktail. It has a Mediterranean feel and would also be perfect to sip on in the sunshine on our terrace. Along with the combination of limoncello with fresh lime and undertones of basil, the extra champagne topping adds depth and complexity.


Tanqueray dry gin
Maraschino liqueur
Earl Grey
Cherry syrup

Sweet, floral and punchy sums up the Sakura. This summery cocktail is inspired by the stand-out tree in our garden, blossoming into centre stage in spring. Particularly inspired by the iconic Japanese cherry blossom, this drink reflects its delicate nature and style with flavours such as cherry liqueur, lime and botanical gin as its base, to really pop. 

Tilling Thyme

Johnnie Walker
Peach and thyme cordial

For this whimsical whisky cocktail, Holly imagined herself out in the garden, planting herbs and shrubs. After a day getting your hands dirty in the garden, this is the drink you’d want on hand. A great introduction to whisky for those that wouldn’t usually consider it, this cocktail combines Johnnie Walker with peach and thyme. Think fruity, fresh and well balanced. If it were acceptable to switch an iced tea for a Tilling Thyme doing the morning gardening, we absolutely would.

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