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Meet our Housekeeping Manager, Tori

Starting off as a public cleaner with a part-time schedule, Tori soon discovered her drive to elevate the hotel's standards and make The Alverton simply shine. With determination and hard work, she climbed the ranks, and now proudly serves as the Housekeeping Manager at The Alverton.

How did you get into housekeeping?

I got into Housekeeping through my daughter, who worked for The Alverton Hotel. I started as a public cleaner just three days a week, and it wasn’t long before I wanted to make the hotel shine. Previously, I was a Care Coordinator and had spent 22 years in the NHS and Care Homes. However, once I started at The Alverton, I found a new lease of life. I moved on to cleaning rooms and was very lucky to be given the opportunity to advance, which I could not refuse. After three years, I gained the title of Housekeeping Manager.

What's your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite part of my job is witnessing the exceptional performance of my team, reflected in great reviews. Working alongside amazing staff is incredibly rewarding, and I take pride in leading such a dedicated team. Additionally, creating warm and welcoming stays for guests is deeply fulfilling. Ensuring their utmost comfort and maintaining cleanliness to a high standard are priorities I personally value as a guest. Interacting with happy customers is the cherry on top, making every encounter a delightful experience.

Where's your favourite place to visit in Cornwall?

My favourite place in Cornwall is somewhere not many know of. The Holy Well of St. Madron is a wishing tree where people tie ribbons and make wishes. My late mother, who passed away 27 years ago, used to take me, my sister, and anyone else willing to go with her.

Why The Alverton?

Since joining The Alverton, I’ve been not only accepted into the hotel but also encouraged to grow. Management and directors have offered me valuable advice, and they’ve been receptive to my ideas on enhancing our rooms and making The Alverton shine even more. It’s truly a team effort that shouldn’t be overlooked; we’ve formed a great community of our own.

What does your day to day look like?

Day-to-day tasks can vary, but I always ensure that the staff have everything they need for their day. This includes preparing their bags for shifts and replenishing linen cupboards as necessary. Additionally, I regularly send out a weekly email to maintain clear communication and keep everyone informed. While I do inspect rooms routinely, I’m not hesitant to jump in and assist the staff during challenging times. It’s important to me that when assigning tasks, I am personally aware of each staff member’s capabilities.

How would you describe Cornwall in three words?

Home. Comfort. Sunshine.

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